Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen (AGB)

1. Raummieten

The room rent applies exclusively to the provision of the ordered room, including the inventory available in this room, as well as the use of the toilet and kitchenette.Geschäftsbedingung.

1a. For continuous rental (long-term tenants)

The contract is concluded for an indefinite period. The rental price is to be paid in advance throughout the booking period at the beginning of each month. The rent includes electricity, heating and use of the kitchenette. The rent can change according to the index regulation (as of Nov. 2001). Either party can request an adjustment. Geschäftsbedingung.

1b. Single bookings

The booking for the above-mentioned rooms and appointments is binding with the signature on the rental agreement. Geschäftsbedingung.

1c. Termination of rental agreements and cancellation

The rental contract can be terminated by both parties with a notice period of 2 months. The termination must be made on the first of the month. In the event of cancellation: Up to 8 weeks before the start of the rental period, the cancellation is free of charge, except for a processing fee of € 40. After that (less than 8 weeks) 100% of the rental price is due . The regulation applies to each rented room individually. If the cancellation is not made in due time, reimbursement will only be made if subsequent booking is successful, otherwise the remaining amount will be retained. Geschäftsbedingung.

The landlord reserves the right to terminate without notice if the tenant / organizer does not meet his obligations under these terms and conditions, as well as in the event of a non-contractually agreed use of the rooms or a non-agreed transfer of use to third parties. Geschäftsbedingung.

2. Aufenthalt / Nutzung

The organizer / tenant and his customers stay at their own risk. The rooms are handed over in a tidy condition and must also be left tidy by the tenant / organizer. Geschäftsbedingung.

  • Order: Please wash all dishes that are used and return them to the place where they were taken from.
  • When leaving the premises, all windows are to be closed, all lights to be extinguished, electrical devices to be switched off if necessary, all heating systems to be switched off and the entrance door to be locked.
  • If you forget to regulate the heating accordingly, we unfortunately have to charge the following extra costs due to the very high heating costs: For every hour and every radiator, € 1 / hour per radiator is charged until it is determined.
  • Volume: Although the rooms are located in a detached rear building, the tenant is generally required to set the volume of the event so that the surrounding neighborhood is not disturbed. When the volume is high, the windows must be kept closed.
  • Smoking ban: Smoking is prohibited in the entire center. You can only smoke in front of the entrance door (please use an ashtray). Open fires (candles) are also not allowed.
  • Animals are not allowed in the rooms.
  • The tenant is asked to be the last tenant to lock all entrance doors to the center and turn off all light sources.
  • If we receive messages for the tenant by telephone or are on the answering machine, we will pass this information on to the tenant in a timely manner. However, the lease does not include any information or telephone switching for the tenant to his customers.

3. Schlüsselübergabe

The key for the entrance doors must be collected from the office prior to the start of the event and returned there no later than two days after the event has ended. Geschäftsbedingung.

4. Parken auf dem Hof

Auf dem Hof stehen für Besucher keine Parkplätze zur Verfügung. Der Hausbesitzer lässt falsch parkende Fahrzeuge abschleppen.

5. Haftung

  • Der Mieter und seine Klienten benutzen die oben genannten Räumlichkeiten auf eigene Gefahr. Der Mieter übernimmt ausdrücklich die Haftung für Unfälle/Personenschäden, die mit der Raumnutzung zusammenhängen. Ebenso haftet der Mieter für Beschädigungen am Nutzungsgegenstand, bei Schlüsselverlust sowie für selbst mitgebrachte Gegenstände, die im Zentrum deponiert werden.
  • Der Vermieter behält sich vor, bei Abwesenheit des Mieters die Räume für Notfallsituationen nutzen zu können. Der Vermieter  informiert den Mieter  darüber rechtzeitig. Dieser Passus hat keine Auswirkungen auf die monatlich vereinbarten Mietbeiträge.

6. Sonstiges

  • Ziwago is only a postal address for long-term tenants. It does not provide a postal address for individual bookers and does not accept post or parcels for these tenants.
  • The Ziwago does not check the approval or qualification of the tenant or organizer and assumes no liability for the services offered.